10 Fascinating Facts About Ferrets

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9. Weasel War Dance


For all those unfamiliar with ferrets, the so called “weasel war dance” could be quite off putting. With its back arched, the ferret will jump around its tail, in a craze. It generally makes strange hissing sounds. In this period they often knock into things and topple over while generally fairly agile. This screen might look like the best manifestation of ferocity, but it’s actually only an invitation to play, much like a dog will wiggle around when a favourite toy or its leash is made. Yet, in wild species like stoats and other weasels, this “dancing” is really used to transfix prey including rabbits. After several minutes, the eccentric movement captivates the bunny that was considerably more rapid, and when the weasel goes in for the kill can’t respond quickly enough to flee.

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