10 Surprisingly High-Tech Aspects Of Nature

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For some reason, there’s a generally held belief that Mother Nature gave mankind all the brains and gave the brawn to the remaining part of the things on this particular planet (other than for, you know, squirrels). Nevertheless, it turns out that we mightn’t be as clever as we believe we are. If these are anything to go by, it turns out that our elaborate high tech gadgetry was devised by nature manner before us.

10. Oriental Hornets Create Solar Power

Oriental Hornet

To scientists, the Oriental hornet was a mystery. Contrary to other species of wasp and hornet, they’re most lively when the sun is at its hottest, a happening which goes against the most popular reasoning that, as a way to conserve energy and keep a wholesome body temperature, these creatures are most lively when the sun is lowest.

It was just through examining the biology of the hornet that scientists from Tel Aviv University found why. The brownish stripes on the hornet are grooves which trap light and refract it in the yellowish stripes into two distinguishing columns that subsequently pass by means of a number of pinhole depressions and combination with the naturally occurring pigment xanthopterin to create electricity. Efficiently, the hornet capably converts solar radiation into electricity, which it subsequently uses for tasks including burrowing. The hornet uses part of this electricity to use as a complex system of heat pumps inside its body which act as a built in air conditioning unit and enables it to stay out in the sun for more without overheating.

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