A Mom Of 4 Filmed Herself Getting Her Babies Ready For The Day – I’m Impressed!

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Having a child is a whole lot of work. Anyone that believes being a parent is not difficult is sorely misguided. You’re forming a human being to be a productive member of society…at the exact same time, you should clean up their diapers, feed them, educate them to talk — the list continues!

But in case you believe having one child has a slew of duties, attempt having four.

This Canadian mother recently posted a video of how she gets her little ones prepared for the day — it only shows that being a parent demands superhuman abilities.

I’m convinced lots of folks are not envious of this family, but happily, this mother is an expert kid wrangler. No one is crawling away on her watch! See how energetically she gets her tiny tykes prepared for another day.

Source: BuzzFeed

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