14 Thoughts You Think When You’re Being Ghosted

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Being ghosted is what happens when you’re dating someone, and they suddenly just start ignoring you, completely wiping your existence from their lives without doing the courtesy of letting you know. It’s a pretty rude practice, and there’s been a spike in the amount of ghosting especially with the rise of online dating where people are reduced to left and right swipes. Either way, being on the receiving end of it can be a tolling process, and these are the different stages.

1. The inevitable first stage of denial: maybe he’s sleeping, or just really busy, or maybe he lost/broke his phone coincidentally close to the time he started ignoring my Facebook messages.

2. Maybe I broke my phone. Something must be wrong with my texting? Even though they all say “delivered”?

3. Why have I been on his Facebook looking for clues that don’t exist for the past two hours? *Slowly analyzes every female tagged with him in social media photos*


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