10 Heroic Cats Who Could Teach Lassie A Thing Or Two

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Considering their aversion to water, felines likely won’t be saving Timmy anytime soon. Nevertheless, they are able to hold their own with dogs that are loyal in regards to saving people from danger, although the cats don’t show a tail-wagging, ready-to-please approach while doing so. Actually, felines generally look a bit cross about the importance of such savings, likely impatient with the cluelessness of us people!


10. The Cat Who Provided A Supper


Photo credit: Raziel969 via YouTube

When Sir Henry Wyatt was in Scotland in the late 1400s imprisoned probably, the lodgings left much to be desired, and the fare was abysmal. Luckily, based on an account by Wyatt’s great-great-grandson, Thomas Scott, the despondent man started receiving visits from a friendly feline.

The motherly cat must have determined that her new buddy could use some fattening up because she started bringing him pigeons. Wyatt talked a jailer into cooking him the birds. While the result wouldn’t really have been squab, which comes from pre-fledged pigeons, it seemingly much outdid whatever penitentiary provisions were served before.

The report describes the cat as an accator (caterer) because she supplied the detainee with business and heat along with the makings for an occasional hot meal. No doubt he recalled his debt to the cat who kept coming, caring, and catering once Wyatt was released.

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