NRA Left Powerless As Obama Pulls The Trigger On New Gun Safety Executive Action

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President Barack Obama made a tremendous move towards making it more difficult for ammosexuals to kill the right is going to be pissed and folks on Monday.

Obama declared strategies to reduce firearm violence by calling on federal agencies to execute specific measures, including limiting firearm sales by unlicensed dealers frequently called Gun show loophole. While he acknowledges this is not going to quit all the useless firearm violence, it is going to help reduce the amounts and safe innumerable lives.

This doesn’t mean he’ll be going door to door taking your firearms away. It does mean that regulators from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are expected to clarify that anyone selling firearms perform background checks on all buyers and must have a national firearms dealers permit.

While those who sell firearms sometimes, as a hobby, or for collection functions are exempted by national law, the ATF will have specific standards they will need to fit. This is an effort to get those who hide behind those exclusions, according to General Attorney Lynch.

These rules will provide clear notice to those people who attempt to conceal behind the avocation exception when they may be selling for a company or for a gain.

Based on a a mean of 1,333, a White House statement firearms recovered from crime scenes in each of the previous five years were traced back to dealers ATF will notify dealers they are required to report lost or stolen firearms from their stock ones lost in passage due to that.

At a recent press conference, Obama expressed his hopes of keeping firearms out of emotionally unstable individuals control and recognizes that most of America needs exactly the same thing:

The great news is that these aren’t only recommendations that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but theyre also ones the overwhelming bulk of the American individuals, including gun owners, support and believe in

These measures taken by the president are considerably needed. The soar of firearm violence and firearm-related deaths in this country is amazing. There’s no reason for these new rules particularly when it can help save lives.


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