WATCH: Bernie Sanders Talks About God’s Place In Politics, And It’s Fantastic (VIDEO)

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Bernie Sanders has been since the day he declared his candidacy increasing in the surveys. His popularity with middle-class and the working voters of America has the unmitigated greed they’ve shown over the previous 30 years and much to do with his contempt for the top grade American earners.

Our retirement’s becoming farther away while the top two percent sock away our future in foreign accounts and are shrinking. It is unfair, if it by chance doesn’t quit, could be living in an oligarchy, and it’s killing the American dream.

Jimmy Kimmel needed to understand about something Bernie hasn’t actually addressed: God while these are all points Bernie loves to make and he makes them better than anyone. Kimmel asked Bernie if he believed in God and if was electable. Bernie’s response about his private beliefs and spirituality is not ugly.

See Bernie Sanders talk about God’s location and his spirituality in politics.

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