14 Ways To Handle A Dryspell

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14 Ways To Handle A Dryspell 1
5. Discover a mental distraction whenever someone else starts talking about sex and how flourishing their sex life is. Think about shores in Hawaii and about that pizza with extra cheese.

6. Think about all the expensive and debilitating bikini waxes that you don’t need to get. Yay for no hair removal torture.

7. Don’t lose your mojo. Dressing up in sweatpants and a stained tee might seem to be an alternative in this miserable and disappointed stage, but keeping your hot will keep you confident and bring someone your way quicker than if you go through a displaced-smart period.

8. Get a pet. If you get a cat, you might have a good number of cat lady platitudes thrown your way, so a dog or a guinea pig is another furry distraction that’ll do you well.

9. When you think about how long ago the last time you had sex was, consider how itll make getting back on the horse so much more extreme that first time. And getting back on that horse is unavoidable.

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