Thousands of Children Are Accidentally Getting Drunk Because of Hand Disinfectants

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Nhaijah said that it tasted like strawberries.

Her language was slurring, and she can’t walk. Nhaijah Russell was raced to the emergency room from school. She was exceptionally intoxicated.

The 6-year old child ingested 3-4 squirts of hand sanitizer, its deadly results and oblivious of the alcohol content it contains.

Ingesting small quantities of hand sanitizer can cause alcohol poisoning, which can lead to confusion; vomiting; drowsiness; and in serious instances, death.

Dr. Chris Ritchey, the doctor who attended to Nhaijah at the Gwinnett Medical Center near Atlanta, said that the kid’s blood alcohol level spiked to .179. This amount is higher that what’s considered legally drunk in adults. Hand sanitizers include at least 45-95% alcohol while beer and wine comprise 5% and 12% respectively.

Nhaijah fell and hit her head during her drunken state; so, she’d to be tracked overnight for indications of brain injury.

The kid’s mom, Ortoria Scott said, “That was really frightening. It could have been quite fatal for my kid.”


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Doctors have become more and more worried. Based on the Poison control center hotlines throughout America, there’s been a 400% increase in the instances of hand sanitizer ingestion since 2010, especially in children less than 12 years old. The instances alarmingly rose to 16, 117.

Dr. Gaylord Lopez, manager of the centre said,”Kids are getting into these products more often, and sadly, there’s a percent of them going to the emergency room.”

“A child isn’t believing this is terrible for them,” Dr. Lopez described. “lots of the more appealing (hand sanitizers) are the ones that are scented. There are strawberry, grape, orange-flavored hand sanitizers that are really appealing to children.”


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Teachers and parents should be more alert. Dr. Lopez urges that they either use sanitizing wipes or non-alcohol based products instead of hand sanitizers and to keep hand sanitizers out of kids’s reach.

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