Most Important Thing In A Relationship

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Most Important Thing In A Relationship

There are tens and thousands of lists about top 10 things you should know and do to find your prince charming. They feature lots and silly stereotypes of misconceptions about body proportions, hairstyles and trend. If you stumble onto one of those cheeky posts then it may also mention what guys allegedly locate hot and sex positions.

How many times have you seen headlines along the lines? Lies. They’re all lies!

We’re being brainwashed from an extremely early age about what a girl should and shouldn’t do. Hundreds of impressionable teen girls reading this and buying into the notion that if you dress just right and seem only perfect you’ll miraculously wind up in a perfect relationship which will necessarily result in a wonderful union and a house with 2.5 children and a white picket fence around your lovely yard.

Along with being told just the best way to dress, behave and do your make-up, we’re being told that if we’re overly picky we’ll wind up alone eternally. There’s novels written by men for girls urging them to just have 5 deal breakers matters that absolutely would kill the relationship for you. Just 5 things they’re permitted NOT to put up with in their hunt for the right boyfriend. Doesn’t seem silly? And above all, do girls ever take time to describe the deal breakers to guys? Likely not.

Women, it’s time to recognize that regardless of how many posts you may read about a haircut that is perfect all guys find appealing or a dress that’ll make him lose his head, it won’t drastically alter your life. It might allow you to score a date, or a hook up,and if that’s what you’re looking for, you go girl! Casual relationship is an excellent thing that can allow you to learn about yourself and what you enjoy and don’t enjoy in your guy. It’ll also, most definitely offer you a funny storyline you can afterwards tell friends and family.

But if it’s a serious relationship you’re looking for, then forget all that stuff you read in the magazines and simply be yourself. You wear what you need, and can be as picky as you like. Regardless of how much the media tries to make us believe that women and men are entirely different species and have rules each or a set of them should follow, it’s simply not the case. We’re that same. Looks aren’t just cared about by guys, and girls aren’t with a 6 pack abs after a rich husband! We value each other’s opinions and views, interests, character traits and preferences in music or films, all of US appreciate good jokes and participating dialogs.

Truth be told, there are just 5 things that matter in wit, truthfulness, trust, communicating and a relationship ethics. If you’ve got those, you’re place. Things can be solved with an honest dialogue where both partners are willing and open minded to listen. Go locate a guy who cherishes these characteristics and you’ve found your prince!

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