10 Things Women Secretly Want to Know About Sex

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10 Thing Women Secretly Want to Know About Sex 1

1. Why can’t I orgasm from the missionary position?

Because you should experiment with lots of places to see what excites you the best! Attempt being on top that will give you control and use more pressure to the clitoris. Missionary simply doesn’t hit on lots of nerves for some, which is totally standard.

2. Why can’t I orgasm from only sex arousal?

Because the clitoris has way more nerves than the vaginal duct. Your partner might want a helping hand, and mightn’t have lots of expertise in that region. Show him what feels good with his hands, with his mouth… lots of girls want more than simply a dick to orgasm, and occasionally a handy vibrator can be an interesting third party to bring into the equation.

3. Why are some men so strange about going down on girls, but love for oral?

Because blow jobs are a lot less taboo than cunnilingus, in our squeamish and patriarchal society. If it’s something you need don’t take that approach from him. If they’re going to be a receiver everyone must be a giver. It may also be because they’ve been told they’re not good at it, but in that case, you can tell them you’re happy to help out and direct.

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