Stray Dog Kicked By Cruel Man Returns With A Pack Of Friends To Destroy His Car.

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After being boot by a guy an upset stray labeled his fellow badass canine pack. What’s their goal? The guy’s most prized decoration — –his auto.

Reports say that a Chinese in Chongqing, China punt a dog discovered lying on his reserved parking at house. Clearly, dogs don’t belong to this guy’s group of buddies instead of tempting it to wander away as he kicked it.

A neighbor managed to take some signs and who was away to exactly the same parking lot seen the victimized stray with his guy vigilantes dumping the guy’s automobile.

Despite these reports on maltreatment and animal violence, it’s ironic that China still lack appropriate animal welfare actions. The truth is, some isolated parts of Northern China use dog fight until departure as their only source of amusement.

The fortunate neighbor gets to see the baddass canines chomping on the auto’s alloy fenders.


These canines must have the finest teeth before running away from the scene they chewed on the vehicle’s windshield wipers.


At least the guy who kicked the stray wo’t be clueless his car got those scores.


These canines are smart, they have a look out. haha!


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