19 Disturbing Signs You’re In An Unhealthy Relationship

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There are certain red flags that may be occurring in your relationship that you’re not conscious of. Occasionally, you can be stuck in the routine of your relationship that you just don’t actually take a minute to stop and wonder, “is this actually working?” The following are some terrifying things to understand if you’re in a relationship, but can be indications that it may be time to let that man go.

1. You prevent confrontation. What this means is that troubles and stress will bubble under the surface and burst in the worst manner possible, instead of nipping it in the bud.

2. Your partner blames their troubles on others. Occasionally, that can contain you. Putting the blame on other people means you deflect your troubles and aren’t willing to own up to any duties and dilemmas of your own that.

3. They seek out what you’ve low self esteem about – go and build you up, then make themselves the hero -to man. Cornering is a terrible relationship approach.

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