Chinese Woman Throws the Most Outrageous Tantrum After Being Dumped via Text Message

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There are some who only completely lose themselves while some of us are capable of managing ourselves after a heartbreak.

Case in point: this 24-year old Chinese girl who threw a crazy tantrum after being dropped by her boyfriend. We can’t attribute her as her former beau determined to drop the bomb via text message, to tell you the truth.

Labeled by Internet users as the crazy tantrum in breakup history”, the poor girl’s public disaster brought enormous crowds in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. Rather than facing her ex-lover, the girl that was hysterical yelled at passersby and simply sprawled in the roads of the popular shopping district.

She didn’t need to go through the painful periods of despair that nearly all of us need to experience. The only drawback: the authorities had to strap her to a stretcher simply to prevent her from making a scene.

This girl believed throwing a fit in public is the greatest method to make do with a break up.


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Who says they just do it in films? This girl shown while lying on the earth you can do chest beating.


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Her shameless public tantrum undoubtedly got everyone’s focus in Tsim Sha Tsui…;


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In addition to the entire Internet world.


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