Sarah Palin Reveals The One Circumstance Where She’d Vote For An Atheist (VIDEO)

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Sarah Palin hates atheists. We understand that. Hell (pun sort of intended), the whole Republican party hates atheists, but there’s one thing Palin and Republicans loathe more: Muslims.

Naturally, all of US understand the Constitution forbids a religious test for holding elected office, but her party and Palin doesnt prevent from telling voters that atheists would be unfit for office. There’s one circumstance, however, if the option is a Muslim who verbalizes their want to kill Americans where Palin would vote for an atheist. I think Muslims who just covertly desire to kill Americans continue to be preferable to atheists in Palin’s spiral-shaped brain.

In an interview with CNN, Palin said:

Oof Palin stuttered at the thought of voting for an atheist. If it all came down to that versus someone who believed in a faith that was hell bent on ruining those who didn’t agree with their faith, who’d literally need to kill those, the infidels who wouldn’t say, Okay, I’d go along with you, then I would.

Which means, Israel and anybody who’s sympathetic to whats going on now with Muslims terrorists, who’d crucify behead girls and kids and stop at nothing to attempt to ruin us and our allies, Id pick an atheist over that!

Heres the video:

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