This Corgi Thought He Was Just Having Another Lazy Day In The Grass Until…

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There”s nothing like a nice, lazy afternoon on the front lawn, watching the neighborhood kids ride by on their bikes, giving the mailman a break because, hey, it”s beautiful out…he can have one day of peace.

Then, out of nowhere, that rock you perched yourself next to moves…

“I love the smell of freshly cut grass.”

Waiittt for it…

This moment of realization is priceless!

This moment of realization is priceless!

(source TurboMuffin)

It”s alright, little pup. New things are always spooky, regardless of how cold-blooded they may be. Perhaps once you”ve grown accustomed to him, you”ll be best of pals!

Either that, or we”ll continue to film hilarious footage of you trying to defend your turf.

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