Why Diver Tom Daley Will Make A (Controlled) Splash At The 2016 Olympics

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Tom Daley is driven competition with his eye on the award, and not only because he’s tattooed on his bicep.

Tom Daley is driven competitor with his eye on the prize, and not just because he has the Olympic rings literally tattooed on his bicep.

At age 20, diver (not swimmer, as his Twitter bio states) Tom Daley has already competed in TWO Olympics. By myself, I ate a complete pizza on my 20th birthday. Edge: Tom Daley.

At the 2008 Olympics, at only 14 (!!!) Tom was the youngest to participate in a final, and the most youthful non-swimmer in the whole Olympics. For his 18th birthday present, Tom snagged himself an Olympic bronze medal.

Tom is enormous in the united kingdom, both as literally and a diving style, like when an 80 foot wraparound image of him adorned a Cardiff John Lewis shop.

Tom is huge in the UK, both as a diving personality and literally, like when an 80 foot wrap-around graphic of him adorned a Cardiff John Lewis store.

At 20, Tom is well into his diving career, but he is only just starting. In 2009, FINA (the global leader in aquatics contest, in case you were comfortable with your diving lingo) ranked Tom as the #1 diver for the 10 meter stage (his specialty).

Tom cleans up frequently at the Commonwealth Games, the longstanding competition between the 71 nations and territories of the British Commonwealth. Tom won two golds in 2010, and a gold ans a silver in 2014.

Promoter for LGBT rights

Advocate for LGBT rights

In December 2013, Tom came out as a gay man, in a private youtube video (that now has over 11 million viewpoints). At the time, it made UK front page news, but Tom did not believe it deserved that much focus: “I do not believe it should be news I do not believe it matters who you decide to be in a relationship with.

It’s that self effacing approach that just lately won Tom the Sports Personality of the Year at the British LGBT Awards

Tom is set to introduction introduce his new “firework” dive, seen below at camera-defying speeds, in rivalry right.

Tom is set to debut introduce his new

Tom describes this move to BBC Sports as a forwards 3.5 somersaults with one spin in the piked position, as “like a little firework.” His trainer Jane Figueiredo has driven him to attempt this move, that is never been done at 10 meter stage.

Daley also told the Guardian: “It was a dangerous choice to learn a fresh dive but it is definitely paying off. It is tough because most of the dives out there folks have done them before, folks understand what it’s and it is just you do it.

Daley also told the Guardian: “Gold in Rio is my greatest fantasy, I Have always needed to win an Olympic gold medal. Who knows if that will be the ending? I am needing to carry on as long as my body can take it.”

Daley also told the Guardian: "Gold <a href="" target="_blank">in Rio</a> is my ultimate dream, I

We are certainly that will be for quite a while to come, and we can not wait to see what is next!


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