A Couple Came Across This Gruesome Sight…But It Isn’t What It Seems

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London”s River Thames is famed for many things in English culture. On the other hand, its environment and the river were also infamous in the past for the variety of dead bodies piling up there over recent years. We”re discussing a lot of dead bodies.

Many sufferers of organized crime and serial killers managed to find their way into the watery depths of the Thames during London”s drearier years. That is why Rob Powell supposed the worst and came across the item under during a stroll along the Thames.

It looks very much like a wet, rotting body. Yet, upon closer review, Powell saw that it was only a heap of garbage that looked like a body.

It looks very much like a wet, rotting body. However, upon closer inspection, Powell saw that it was just a pile of garbage that looked very much like a body.

If you look carefully, you can see a stone that resembles a skull, a rope that resembles a rib cage, and remains of twisted metal looking like limbs.

“I had to double take at first as it”s not the sort of thing you normally see by the riverside,” said Powell. “Clearly, it seemed like a skeleton, which was somewhat gloomy, and it was just when I got closer that I understood it was metal and old rope.”

"I had to double take at first as it

I guess it”s safe to say that the River Thames, while no longer full of bodies, still has tons of garbage floating in it.

I suppose it

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Well, that was a close call. Locating a body while you”re out for a nice amble is a fast way to destroy your entire day. Yet I imagine a polluted river is no pleasure, either.


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