Even In Loss, Chris Paul Is Always Awesome: You HAVE To Watch This (Video)

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Listen Clipper Nation, we sense your pain.

You guys were up 3-1 at one point in the chain against the Houston Rockets, but these things happen.

You guys had another excellent season and your team is comprised of some of the most likeable characters in the NBA.

Thus let us take a second. Like the hilariousness of Chris Paul.

Example, the first:

You gotta give it up for the man who is going this much out of his way to try and win at any cost.

Additionally, it is uproarious. It seems like he is begging Dwight Howard to give him a piggyback ride (bonus points to Dwight, the look on his face as all this takes place is priceless).

Let us see it from another angle.

Even when he is legitimately bummed out about a loss, he does thus quoting Ricky Bobby.

As in, fictional sports icon Ricky Bobby (as impersonated by Will Ferrell).

So, listen, losses are never interesting Clippers supporters, but you gotta confess: Chris Paul continues to be the guy.

People, great season.


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