Sometimes, I stare into my cat’s eyes and think, “We were meant for each other.” Then he goes and scratches my couch, to remind me why I can’t have nice things. The relationship between owner and cat is a tumultuous one, because though there’s a connection you can’t really ever own them. Eventually, you realize that they own you.

That’s what happened to Kawaski Hina, who was walking home through the park when a very determined kitten put in a bid. He caught the moment on camera, and boy, this little kitten pulls out all the stops. Nuzzling, falling over on his shoe, meowing, purring. All the great cat tricks they use to make you love and feed them:

Look into her eyes. She wants:

Kawasaki Hina

That cat is saying, “I know who I want to take me home!” over and over, but like, not in a sexual way. Hina did take her home, and named her Vell. He told Bored Panda:

She fell asleep immediately back at my house… She is like a family to me… I think she also loves me. We’ll be together forever.

Vell did a lot of work to make Hina realize they were meant for each other. She was quite sleepy when they got home:

Kawasaki Hina

So, so sleepy:

sleepy kitteh
Kawasaki Hina

Hina has now had Vell for two and a half years and according to Love Meow, Vell made an excellent choice:

Kawasaki Hina

Look how politely she waits for him:

Kawasaki Hina

She also politely uses the litter box. You know it’s love when they film you pooping: