L.A. Dodgers Legend Kirk Gibson Announces That He Has Parkinson’s Disease

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If you are like me, you spent hours as a child recreating Kirk Gibson’s historical match-winning home run of the 1988 World Series from Game 1. Kirk’s swing, down to his triumphant fist-pumping party was ingrained as among the best moments in sports history.

Naturally, I was shocked and saddened to learn that L.A. Dodgers star Kirk released a statement declaring that he’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

Kirk who’s now an analyst for Fox Sports Detroit had the following to say about his prognosis on his diagnosis:

I ‘ve faced a variety of challenges in my personal life, and have consistently kept a strong belief that no matter the situation, I could conquer those barriers. While this analysis introduces a fresh type of challenge for me, I mean to remain true to my beliefs. With the support of friends and my family, I am going to fulfill this challenge with the exact same dedication and unwavering intensity that I’ve shown in all my efforts in life. I look forward to being back at the ballpark when possible.”

Well, all of US look forward to his return to the ballpark also. I really respect this winner’s strategy to this challenge that is coming Kirk hasn’t ceased being a star. Ever.

All of us here at FirstSlice need to say our hearts go out to Kirk, his family, and family members during this rough time.


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