Which NFL Team Is Using Drones To Film Practices?

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Let us begin by clarifying the headline: the team in question uses drones to film their own team exercises.

Not like that other time, with that team that never gets into trouble. Ever.

Nope, today Fox Sports reports that the Dallas Cowboys are now using drones to help them picture practice sessions from all angles.

Fox Sports quotes Head coach, Jason Garrett as saying the team executed the strategy after an idea from SMU trainer Chad Morris:

“We pride ourselves on training and teaching our players as well as we can and picture has been a large part of our game for some time. We use lots of hand-held cameras on the earth. … One of our trainers saw they were using it and went down to SMU for their springtime trainings. They enjoyed the angle. We got an opportunity to see it, so we determined to have a look at it.”

It also (likely) indicates one of the few times people have really been just great with using drone technology (for now). It is now made by the drones so that trainers can figure out who just is screwing up on a play that is specified.

The angles supply an exceptionally helpful view for trainers as teams would not have the overhead cameras that dangle from cables when televising football the leading networks use. So who knows, perhaps this is the start of a practice that may shortly be used by other teams.

One thing’s for sure, yet. Somewhere out there, Bill Belichick is murmuring to himself, “drones… if only I ‘d used drones! Hexes!!!”


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