Making your dog in the mornings can be an effort that is totally heartbreaking. Looking into their miserable eyes that apparently say “Why can not I come along too??” can make you feel like a total and complete creature. And since you do not discuss dog (I presume), you can not describe to them that you are really coming back at the end of the day.

Redditor seanlee2013 lives in San Jose, California and feels guilty leaving his beloved German shepherd, Shasta, at home when he leaves for work. “My wife and I both work full time occupations,” he writes on Reddit. “I adore my pup, and I Had rather have her play with her buddies than stay at home by herself all day.”

Fortunately, seanlee2013 has his dog walker, Chris Iles, who owns and runs WalkPRO LLC. Along with training his “pack” of pups, Chris takes them out for walks and experiences — and sends the dog owners absolutely-modeled pictures all along the way. Because of this, no doggy parent ever has to feel concerned about their pet during the day.

“He adores these dogs and handles them all so nicely,” writes seanlee2013. “We get photos every day of their experiences.”

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Based on the Redditor, “different dogs have distinct ‘daycare’ programs. Some dogs are just 2-3 days per week, others are 5-6, some do etc etc. that are boarding Occasionally I get images with 15 or so dogs, all lined up. It’s amazing.”

It’s official: there’s no more adorable vision than a group of dogs loving a park bench together.


The pups get to go on auto experiences!


But there is lots of chill time so nobody gets overly worn-out.


He does not have any trouble getting the pooches to appear their most photogenic because Chris is such a skilled dog trainer.


These dog buddies are the true apex of #squadgoals with all their experience pics.


“He is an excellent trainer, and a great man,” gushes seanlee2013. “We are really fortunate to have him!”

The only trouble with these canine experiences? I am willing to wager they make the pups’ desk-ridden owners supremely envious.

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