Tom Brady Officially Suspended

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Well, the NFL really did it. They really suspended Tom Brady.

The NFL announced that Brady will be suspended without pay of 2015 for the first four matches. The suspension comes as an outcome of the NFL’s recent report on Deflategate which suggested the quarterback was “generally aware” of attempts to deflate the balls used at this year’s AFC Championship game.

Based on NBC News, Brady will be “permitted to participate in all offseason training camp and preseason actions, including preseason matches.”

Along with Brady’s suspension, the New England Patriots will be fined $1 million and compelled to forfeit its first-round picks in the 2016 and its fourth-round choice in the 2017 draft.

Also, notes the reports came as a consequence of Brady’s “refusal to join forces” when he was requested to create signs, along with the fact the star wasn’t “fully candid” during investigation proceedings.


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