Cats are proven sociopaths, but the Internet (and a select group of people) appear to love them anyhow. We publicize their thievery, laugh at their rudeness and narcissism, and even assemble them body armor.

Mad cat ladies (and gentlemen, likely. This isn’t a sex-specific thing, in reality) took to Whisper to discuss their strange behaviour. Welcome to the club of mad cat individuals, if you understand any of these scenarios.

  1. If you are amused by your cat for hours you likely qualify as a mad cat lady.

  2. Sharing technology with your cats might be a cause for anxiety.

  3. Discussing your style options with your cat is most likely a warning hint.

  4. Discussing anything whatsoever, actually, is likely a red flag.

  5. You should likely be concerned if you believe your cat can do no wrong.

  6. If you are using your cats to hide deeper psychological pain you might have a difficulty.

  7. Possessing too many cat-related things is fairly indicative of your cat lady status.

  8. You might have a difficulty if you are more concerned than your own with your cat’s social life.

  9. More than two cats is a fairly strong sign.

  10. Lacking limits with your cat undoubtedly qualifies as catlady behaviour.

  11. You definitely have a difficulty if your feelings turn intimate.

  12. Feeling a link to cats online is a fairly clear sign.

  13. Stalking your own cat is unneeded, unusual, and cat ladylike behaviour.

  14. You might have a difficulty if you are always worrying about your cat’s curfew.

  15. And, ultimately, presuming your cat is a person could be a red flag.