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Companionship, amusement, love and adorableness: all things that we as individuals need in a partner in this daunting endeavor called life, but also features we desire in dogs. Sure, the old adage goes that dogs are “ guy friend,” but is the same thought returned? Do dogs feel the same as we do about them about us?

When a dog looks into our eyes can they not help themselves from laughing while needing to snuggle us to the stage of near death? Is that really the situation, or when they look in our eyes are they just salivating because they see a treat in the near future with the appropriate antics? Really, based on research in Science Magazine as reported on by The New York Times dogs and owners alike have raised amounts of oxytocin when starring longingly into each others’ eyes.

They propose that dogs became domesticated in part by accommodating to a main human means of contact: eye-to-eye communication.

What does that mean? Well, the feelings of love are reciprocated in a two way road of warm feelings, so yes, puppy dog eyes that were “ are a very real thing that’s learned and continued throughout their time with their owner. Specifically, dogs really are “guy’s best friend,” i.e. it’s not only a cliché of a metaphor.

But, what am I really getting at here? If you’re a dog person by commerce, it’s quite clear that off the top you’re a little sap, because you’ve been trained by the gaze of your k-9 comrade to accept that adoring look, and in turn bestowed that same thought upon an unsuspecting species. That is true, but what can be expressed from the emotional state of dog ownership?

  1. You are urgently doing your best to prevent this and ’ve solicited into that terrifying reality of solitude in life.

    Your best defense? “Guy’s ” of course, best friend. Among the most frightening ideas in this world is the thought of being totally alone, and certain dating and being in a relationship is a great method to prevent this, but not so rapidly. That man could leave you at any stage (yes, clearly even after union), but a dog? They’re not going anyplace, that’s unless they break free from the domestication of generations of dogs to live out their natural instincts in the wild and dig a hole under the fence.

    Come to think of it, having a dog doesn’t ensure preventing the solitude of life than trying to discover a partner that is human, but it definitely facilitates the strike and for that reason, you’ll happily continue gazing into a dog’s eyes.

  2. You don’t mind participating or seeing in a small PDA.

    Dogs are all about those big ole licks to the face and maybe even some overzealous humpage to the leg when they only can’t include themselves. When you see a fellow dog and dog owner participating in this type of action you long for that same affecting tonguing from your best friend of forms. If you blessed to be jointly with another person you ’re just a sucker for love, so you enjoy revealing this sort of love with your human counterpart. If not, you’ll find comfort in a schnauzer or what-have-you.

  3. You don’t enjoy loud noises.

    Somebody at the door? Dogs bark. Automobile driving by in the road? Dogs bark. Television is not soft? Dogs bark. Twister sirens? Dogs harmonize. Pizza? Dogs salivate whilst barking. Basically, dogs can’t handle themselves so they fight the loud with the loud when things get loud. It’s their variation of “fight fire with fire,” presumably believing, “That loud noise is frightening, so I’m going to drown it out with a yelping bellow until it goes away.”

    Thus, just like your dog despising those loud noises, you loathe the minute they amplify the sounds and go on the defensive. Afterward, you begin shouting at them to hush up and it’s an all out fest leaving you with ringing ears.

  4. Your first run in with new individuals can be traumatic, but after turn into a good buddy of yours.

    Reflecting the the activities of your dog, when you first meet a man you may internally cry while trying to socialize with them, but being you’re an emotional man, you may immediately turn the corner and become buddies with them while seeing the good in them fairly rapidly. For dogs, as you know, this is barking, turned sniffing, turned abdomen wipes.

  5. You’re about noshing all.

    It’s not beyond you to inquire, when somebody has gotten themselves a little treat, “ “ and What ” Can I attempt it?” Your dog has learned their routine that is begging from the greatest, the only trouble is they can’t keep their tongue inside their mouth.

  6. You favor when they’re not you always check in on them to see when they’ll be again, and your favourite folks are at all times.

    Every time you return home the routine would be to see they peering out the window with the look of Have you been gone for a decade or is it only me?” You’re just the same manner, constantly having little texting checkins with whoever it’s that you wish was and attempting to set up the next time they are going to be. Can’t somebody give you bites and only pay attention to you? Is that so much to ask? No, and your dog concurs.

  7. You don’t enjoy cats

    The ending.