The Internet may be a frightening and dark place, but it is also where you go if you want to find creature that is improbable camaraderie. On that basis I’m quite pro-Internet. You always have the option to find a video of an orangutan nursing a tiger, the universe looks overly depressed, alone or unforgiving, or something.

For people who get high on cuteness, I present a fresh pair of really specific BFFs to get you through the day. Firstly, let us look at this really adorable dog. Like, the dog alone is worth looking at:

Hello Internet, I am prepared for you. #creatureparade #dogsofinstagram #dog #maybenaid #naid #thisisjackson

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His name is Jackson, and he’s clearly a star. But what is his gimmick? Who adores a cat? No, that is been done plenty. I understand! A creature of the heavens:

Everything’s better when you place a fowl on it:

A shrewd and compassionate girl introduced this astonishing couple to the world before this week, and they promptly went extremely viral, because of course they did:

The bird’s name is Bird Noir. He is likely a private eye. Jackson is his rookie partner. Collectively, they are gonna clean up this city.

When you strike gold in this way, you gotta keep digging:



Phew. More news can be handled by me about Donald Trump now.