Instead Of Junking This Broken Marble Slab, One Guy Transformed It Into Awesomeness

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Occasionally you need to take something from bad to worse to allow it to be better. It seems counterintuitive, but in the instance of thrift store finds, like broken furniture and clothing, it”s usually a necessary evil.

After locating an old, destroyed marble top table at a second-hand store, see what he could do and this man decided to take it. In order to allow it to be larger-than-life once more, he only had to get a little creative with his building. Using the table”s defects to his edge, he ended up with a rather impressive piece of furniture.

He purchased a marble top table that was damaged from a thrift store for $9. To begin…

He bought a damaged marble top table from a thrift store for . To start...

The marble broke more!

Then he made when it was put back on the table a framework that would encase the marble top.

He then made a frame that would encase the marble top when it was placed back on the table.

Once the marble was set in the framework, he filled in the cracks in the marble with blue glow-in-the-dark and a mixture of resin powder.

Once the marble was put in the frame, he filled in the cracks in the marble with a mixture of resin and blue glow-in-the-dark powder.

He determined to paint the table blue and brown to play the finished effect off.

He decided to paint the table brown and blue to play off the finished effect.

Here”s the finished merchandise.


Take a look at that luminescence!

Check out that glow!

The manner the table burns in pitch black is so great.

The way the table glows in pitch-black is so cool.

(source Reddit)

I can”t believe he broke the marble even more, but it makes so much sense with this job! I never would have presumed to do that. This table will make whatever room it”s set in substantially more amazing.


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