Occasionally an interspecies creature camaraderie comes along that looks almost too adorable to be real.

Calley Gibson-Stoll is the proud person of two embraced pit bull combinations named Pikelet and Patty Cake, whose pleasant natures defy all the stereotypes about bullie combinations. The truth is, the dogs are good natured, that they are now helping Gibson Stoll to cultivate a pair of ducks that are youthful.

“March this year we were once again offered the chance to cultivate for Wollongong Animal Rescue Network,” Gibson Stoll writes on Tired Panda. “Just this time it wasn’t orphaned pups we’d be nurturing, it was two infant orphaned ducklings!”

The ducklings, named Popinjay and Penguin, were promptly adopted by the favorable pups, with Patty Cake taking on the part of duck-mom.

Both couples love taking experiences collectively, and result in an adorable quartet.

The ducks love nothing better than nesting atop the heads of Pikelet and Patty Cake.

And you CAn’t deny this is an incredibly photogenic group.

I can not even with dogs and these ducklings.

The ducks are five weeks old, and they are still lively with their canine companies, though they are becoming larger.

The ducks will be adopted by a brand new family shortly, but Gibson Stoll says the dogs will need to approve any future adopters — !

Until then, nevertheless, the ducks will continue to be Pikelet’s adoptive babies and Patty Cake. “They eat, sleep and play together. We regularly see a local park where both the pups & ducks can run and play and we even see the little harbour dog shore where everyone can enjoy a swim together on extremely hot days.”

My heart is bursting from cuteness.

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