I Thought I Knew What I Was Seeing. Then I Got Closer And My Jaw Dropped To The Floor.

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Occasionally Mother Nature does the trendiest things while we”re not appearing. Every year snow goes and comes. Most of us whine about the cold weather. But, what we don”t understand, is that on a microscopic amount something completely mindblowing is occurring every time it snows (and we whine about the roads). This is amazing.

Not only are these pictures lovely, but it”s awesome how photographer Alexey Kljatov creates them: I capture snowflakes at open balcony of my house, mainly on glass surface, lighted by LED torch from opposite side of glass, and occasionally in natural light, using dark woolen cloths as background.


On a flooring of a balcony I set the turned stool (legs up), on them – a glass plate. Formerly, I shoot using Canon A650″s normal macro style. For this, from a little plastic bottle I cut central cylindrical part in the kind of a tube (height 5.5 cm). This height I picked up so the lens of the camera, shoved in a tube, will be at space 1 centimeter from the underside (this is minimal focusing distance of Canon A650 in macro mode). I simply set this cylinder with the camera”s lens within it over the preferred snowflake, the lens looks vertically down. For steady shots, I shoot in little chain with beginning delay 1-2 seconds after focusing, taking my hands away off the camera. With free hand snowflake is illuminated by me with torch from under the glass. The torch beams through two layers of white plastic bag for lighting that is uniform. This is enough for shooting at nighttime with brief exposure time and minimal ISO. So next time, when there’s snow in the prediction, don”t whine. Or at least value the snow for a good 10 minutes before you do. Source


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