A Production Company Has Been Fooling the Internet With Fake Viral Videos

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Source: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

Source: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

An Australian production firm called the Woolshed Business spent the last two years creating videos with the aim of making them go viral. You have had their credibility debated by users in the opinions and may have seen a few of these videos as they’ve garnered tens of millions of views.

One video featured a snowboarder outrunning a bear, while another featured a GoPro falling from a drone into the midst of the Burning Man dance floor.

A total of eight videos were made and now the firm has disclosed their fraud on their site.

The content show was seen as a social experiment to investigate the development and supply of new media that is ‘,’” the business writes.

In a fresh video they made about the experiment, they ask the question, “How much of the news should we consider?”

Woolshed’s videos duped lots of news shows and the media. Their videos viewed 205 million times of on-line and were seen in over 180 nations.

“We set out to better understand just the way to create short-form, exceptionally sharable, ‘snackable’ content, that’s effective at reaching global mass audiences with no extravagance of expensive media purchases, ad campaigns, marketing strategies or distribution deals,” the business writes.

It’s that one should challenge what they observe, if anything can be taken away from this experiment. In an universe full of viral videos, it’s difficult to discover what’s not and what’s actual.

See their explanation below!

Take a look at some of their fraudulent viral videos!

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