Ryan Sheckler’s Dopest Skateboard Moves

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The life is living.

Ryan is living the life.

Request anyone to decide some words to describe Ryan Sheckler and you are going to certainly get such answers as “child prodigy,” “world-renowned athlete,” “television star,” “male heartthrob,” “savvy entrepreneur” and obviously, “the baddest ass skateboarder in the world.”

At only 25-years old, Ryan (aka “Shecks” or “Shecky”) has become one of the most well-known names in skateboarding. He started slipping about on a plank when he was only 18-months-old. By age 4, Ryan managed to do ollies. By 7, he had his own backyard ramp which he used day-to-day.

A Youthful Shecks

A Young Shecks

After winning numerous amateur tournaments, professional turned at age 13. He broke out that year. Ryan cemented a success at the Summer X Games where he was the only player to get each and every one of his moves. The honours continued to pile up for in 2007, he became the first person to win in a row and Shecks.

Ryan became even more of a household name when his reality show Life of Ryan premiered on MTV eight years past.

Life Of Ryan

Life Of Ryan

Let us face it, what actually makes a skater tops within their field is while impress on the board. See any of his highlight reels and you will see that Shecks is truly one of the alltime greats.

If you are unconvinced, you will not be after checking out some of his moves under from the Red Bull on-line show “Sheckler Sessions.”

Sheckler Sessions

Video player-present

Video player-present

Need more? The pics below show Ryan with his finest kind on display.

Ryan calls this “goofing around.” We are quite impressed.

Ryan calls this "goofing around." We

Shecks calls this one a “small transport ollie.”

Shecks calls this one a

Cover lad: Ryan Sheckler. Only awesome.

Cover boy: Ryan Sheckler. Simply amazing.

We are unsure what this precise move is called so we’ll only go with… Amazing.


Children, do not attempt this one at home.

Kids, don

This move has got to be the piece de resistance.

This move has got to be the pièce de résistance.


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