Meet the 60-Year-Old Changing the Supermodel Game

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Source: Instagram gilleanm

Source: Instagram gilleanm

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just inquire 60-year old Gillean McLeod.

Model and the trend stylist is H&M’s hottest swimwear star for their summer effort. McLeod’s advertising features her in a black one piece with jeans and one with only the bathing suit.

She looks like a natural with decades of experience behind her, but McLeod did until she was 53 n’t start her modeling career.

“I thought about modeling when I was a late teenager, but I didn’t have the best skin and didn’t have the best self confidence,” she shared with Today. “I believe it’s better at this point in my life.”

McLeod is quite secure in front of the camera. In a recent photo shoot she modeled without make-up or any professional hair styling and set her self-assurance to the evaluation.

Testing with great hair photos and make up. Thanks for all your great work. 😘❤️💃😍🙌

A photograph posted by Gillean McLeod (@gilleanm) on

“I believe that girls should be comfortable with themselves. You only need to begin with yourself, you can’t look at these magazines that are retouched,” she described. “You must adore yourself.”

The 60-year old remains fairly active with hiking, Pilates, and swimming.

I don’t every day swim but the pool is my pleasure, and when I do, I swim about 2,500 meters,” she included.

SKIRT week it’s! Put in your dancing shoes and twirl @aecutting #prada #manoloblahnik

A photograph posted by Gillean McLeod (@gilleanm) on

McLeod is not unhappy with the focus the pictures are becoming, yet is still surprised by the reply.

“I’m inundated with people following me on Instagram and buddy requests on Facebook,” she said. “It’s been a favorable answer but I’ve quit reading everything, because you are able to go down a rabbit hole with those matters.”

Check out more pictures of McLeod on Instagram.

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