Bet You Didn’t Know These 17 Crazy Facts About Something You Use EVERY Day

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In America, it”s simple to take water for granted. We get a chilly glass of water from the faucet, flush the toilet, or barely blink an eye when we take a shower. But since there are 9 million individuals in developed nations without access to clean water, and 356 million people in Africa alone without it, it”s time to take notice of how much we use. Not only should we be grateful for our water for health reasons, but it”s also a flat out amazing material. Check out 17 astonishing facts about water and water use below.

(via All About Water, EPA, Slate, Fact Chutes)

I ‘d no thought our bones had water in them, although I understood that people are made of mainly water. I”m definitely going to be more conscious of how much water I use now that I”ve read these facts.


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