If You’ve Never Seen Mother Nature’s Fury In action…It’s About Time You Did.

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Back on August 29th, Papua New Guinea”s Mount Tavurvur Volcano erupted in brilliant display. It”s rare to see something similar to this so up close and personal, but thanks to a few tourists now we can. Australian couple Phil and Linda McNamara shot this video.

The video starts out normally enough with footage of the shoreline from a boat. Subsequently suddenly:



The explosion was so strong that it caused a sonic boom, which you are able to hear in the video. You can even see. As the eruption continues, a plume of ashes and smoke snakes its upward into the atmosphere.

Here”s the complete video of the eruption.

If there”s one thing to learned here, it”s that Mother Nature should be dreaded as much as she’s adored. Only imagine if that occurred near a large city? It’d be totally devastating.


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