Seeing These Plants Do Everything They Can To Survive Is Oddly Inspiring.

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Plants were here before us and they”ll probably be here when we”re gone also. When the only job you’ve will be to live (much like a plant), you”d better be pretty darn good at it. Over thousands of years, modern plants have evolved to be better and more powerful at living than you understand. You”ll never consider what type of atmosphere they”re able to flourish in.

Seeing them grow in areas where that would not appear possible is really inspiring. Have a look and you”ll see why!

Over time, even the sidewalk couldn”t stop this small sprout.

Over time, even the pavement couldn

How could a fine plant that is seemingly have this kind of affect on the surface that is hard?

How could a seemingly delicate plant have such an affect on the hard surface?

A bullet gave the present of life.

A bullet gave the gift of life.

These small ones are taking all the space they are able to get–which doesn”t seem to be much.

These little ones are taking all the space they can get--which doesn

I believed the only individuals who viewed green when they opened a gas cap were oil company executives.

I thought the only people who saw green when they opened a gas cap were oil company executives.

I don”t believe that auto”s going anyplace anytime soon.

I don

Reaching for the sun.

Reaching for the sun.

The chimney includes a lot less sun because being inside.

Because being inside the chimney involves a lot less sun.

Those trees definitely don”t need to worry about me scaling them.

Those trees certainly don

Where there”s water, there can be life.

Where there

The building fought the tree… and the tree fought back.

The building fought the tree... and the tree fought back.

Whatever you do, don’t turn on the garbage disposal.

Whatever you do, do not turn on the garbage disposal.

Who understands this tree grew here, but it’s the greatest view about.

Who knows how this tree grew here, but now it has the best view around.

Trees can value great artwork.

Even trees can appreciate good art.

Those roots make those guys seem young.

Those roots make those men look young.

Now THAT”S determination.


It”s like a perfect small road bouquet.


Now that”s some layout.

Now that

Who knows where this little man came from…

Who knows where this little guy came from...

Discuss lifting the roof!

Talk about raising the roof!

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Even though plant life is fine and lovely, it’s incredibly strong over time. If trees are passed by you in your daily commute, stop and think about everything they’ve seen and conquer. You can stop in your courses. Click below to share these amazing pictures with others.


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