Something Miraculous Is Happening Above You Every Day, Even If You Can’t See It

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The aurora borealis is a happening that folks seldom get to see, and it just occurs in specific areas. Or so you thought! There are many misconceptions relating to this amazing happening that individuals have been spreading for years, although they may not be accurate.

Let”s clear up some of the confusion about the northern lights, shall we?

Here”s how the aurora borealis occurs.


Aurora displays are created when protons and electrons stream out from the solar surface and slam into the World”s magnetic field. The air in Earth”s atmosphere is mainly composed of nitrogen and oxygen atoms, and when the charged particles of the aurora hit oxygen atoms, a green and red light is emitted. When they hit on nitrogen atoms, they emit an orange and reddish light.

The lights can go south.

The lights can move south.

Sometimes the northern lights get northern and move away from the poles. The northern lights can be viewed as far south as far south as Atlanta, if there’s lots of solar process occurring.

Auroras are observable from space.

Auroras are visible from space.

This is what the northern lights look like from space. Satellites have shot images from space showing what they look like outside of the atmosphere and it”s just as stunning.

Cameras can see them better.

Cameras can see them better.

Since auroras are actutally rather dumb, it”s difficult for the human eye to pick up on them occasionally. A camera with a long-exposure setting can get just what”s going on better than our eyes ever could.

They may be constantly occurring.

They are always happening.

Although you can”t always see them, the northern lights are constantly putting on a show. It”s just difficult for folks to see them during summer months because of the great deal of pollution in the air. Winter is actually the greatest time if you want to view the show.

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Well, all of US learned a little bit now. Perhaps next winter I”ll take a trip to Canada or Alaska to see them. Oh wait…winter in Alaska. No thanks!

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