This Enchanted Ice Festival Makes The Winter Weather Well Worth It

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Sure, you mightn’t be walking in a winter wonderland. For most of us, outside likely looks like more of a winter wasteland at the moment. Yet, that doesn”t mean this cold weather is all for naught. Without ice and the snow, there would not be any Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, a yearly occasion in northeast China. The festival is residence to the most spectacular frozen sculptures you”ll ever see in your life, and they”re lit up for everyone”s enjoyment. It”s really rather the scene.

The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

This is a location that is real?

This is a real place?

It’s COLOURS also?

It has COLORS too?

Wow! This is definitely unbelievable.

Wow! This is absolutely incredible.

It seems better at night. Is that possible?

Oh my goodness, it looks even better at night. How is that even possible?

It”s like the most wonderful city ever. Out of all the ones that are made of ice




I”m surprised this place isn”t even more packaged.


You can go into and scale the sculptures. Awesome!

You can go into and even climb the sculptures. Awesome!



Totally amazing. Perhaps winter isn”t so bad after all.

Absolutely beautiful. Maybe winter isn

Take a look at the video below to see this winter wonderland in activity.

Okay, perhaps winter isn”t so bad after all. In addition, it gives me excuse. No, they don”t cover my entire hand, but it”s the idea that counts, isn”t it?


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