This Rare Footage Of Lava Spilling Into The Ocean Is Incredible

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As someone who spends way too much time inside behind a computer screen, I don”t get lots of chances or time to investigate nature in all its magnificence. Happily, YouTube does a great job in keeping me up to date with everything going on outside my window, as is the situation with this amazing video of molten lava spilling into the ocean.

We”ve all seen volcanic explosions on TV or in films, but to see rare footage such as this is something totally distinct and unique. The camera couldn”t have gotten considerably closer to the lava without really touching it.

(source YouTube)

That was strangely satisfying to see, yet it made me nervous at the exact same time for some reason. I went between “Whoa, amazing!” to “WATCH OUT, YOU”RE TOO CLOSE!” several times.


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