This Village On A Lake Is Awesome. Even Though The Reason It Started Is Kinda Sick.

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This uncommon hamlet called Ganvie was constructed right in the centre of Lake Nokoue in the West African country of Benin. With a population of around 20,000 individuals, it’s likely the biggest lake village in Africa and as such is quite popular tourists.

The hamlet was initially created in the late 16th or called the Tofinu. The rationale the Tofinu determined to construct their village on the lake is rather remarkable. They did so because a local slave trading tribe referred to as the Dahomey was assaulting them for years, but the Dahomey”s faith prohibited their warriors from entering water, and so the lagoon became a safe territory for the Tofinu people and eventually other tribes.

Arial photograph of Ganvie, the entire village is found outside in the lake.

Arial photo of Ganvie, the whole village is located out in the lake.

The villagers don”t need to dread slave traders any more, but they still live on the lake, as they’ve done for centuries.

The villagers don

Initially based on farming, the hamlet”s primary businesses are now fishing and fish farming…

Originally based on farming, the village

… well, and tourism.

...well, and tourism.

The villagers get from house to house using canoes.

The villagers get from house to house using canoes.

All of Ganvie”s houses, stores and eateries are built on wooden stilts, several feet above the water.

All of Ganvie

Fisherman snare and strain fish using submerged fences made from nets and bamboo.

Fisherman trap and breed fish using underwater fences made from bamboo and nets.

What a really unique location to reside, although it scared of water and would suck if you were born there.


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