Tragedy Strikes California Teen Who Just Wanted To Have A Good Time. Wow.

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California teen Connor Eckhardt slipped into a coma after taking strike, or one puff, of artificial grass. The drug, which is sold under brands like Spice and K2, and can be bought online and in various stores, though its sale is prohibited in California. After inhaling the chemically-sprayed herbs, oxygen supply was cut off to Connor”s brain. He wandered into a slumber he’d never wake up from.

The Eckhardts during happier times.

The Eckhardts during happier times.

After the physicians at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach held Connor brain dead, his family said their good-byes and honored the 19-year olds want to become an organ donor. As a result of his family, the patients WOn’t be the only individuals whose lives hell save. Through the Facebook page they created after Connors departure, they’ve been using their disaster to train others about the risks of using artificial pot.

The family assembled by Connor”s hospital bed.

The family gathered by Connor

Despite its name, artificial grass has little in common with routine grass. While its designed to to mimic tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the strong compound found in cannabis, the differences required for it to evade many anti-drug laws gives its users a greater opportunity of having a dangerous reaction to the material.

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Connor Eckhardt, 1994-2014

Connor Eckhardt, 1994-2014

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