He Woke Up To Check His Phone And Found A Picture He Couldn’t Explain

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When the lights are out and we”re ultimately drifting to sleep, our brains determine that they don”t feel like turning off for the night. Frightening scenarios start running through your head. What terrifying things could be occurring beyond your closed eyelids in the dim bedroom? Personally, I begin to envision that extraterrestrial beings are creeping in through the windows while I”m not looking.

While that”s a pretty far out dream for most folks, it”s one that might really have some value for Redditor Killerfishfinger. Last year, Killerfishfinger awakened one morning as usual and found something odd on his telephone…

It was this photo of what looks like lights in the nighttime sky.

It was this picture of what looks like lights in the night sky.

Killerfishfinger says that, accrording to his telephone, the picture was shot at 10:52 p.m. the preceding night. That”s great, except for the fact he was already in bed by that point and doesn”t recall getting up.

Commenters were quick to speculate about what was happening in the photo. The conjecture got even more heated after the picture was improved by one user with Photoshop.

Commenters were quick to speculate about what exactly was happening in the picture. The speculation got even more heated after one user enhanced the image with Photoshop.

In the enhanced version, you can certainly see that the lighted item is floating above the tree line behind someone facing away from the camera. Killerfishfinger says the man in the picture isn’t him.

Based on Killerfishfinger, the tree line you could see in the increased variants of the photo resembles the tree line on his own property.

According to Killerfishfinger, the tree line that you can see in the enhanced versions of the picture resembles the tree line on his own property.

(via: Week In Bizarre)

Might it be possible that beings from another world really seen Killerfishfinger? Personally, I”d like to consider that scenario. On the other hand, the horrible thing about the Internet and Adobe Photoshop is that it”s quite easy create fake pictures to support a crazy storyline. Whether the story is accurate or not, it”s still quite spooky.

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