Twitter Users Defend Bodyshamed Gymnast

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Courtesy Getty Images

Courtesy Getty Images

Many online immediately ran to the defense of a Mexican gymnast while competing at the Rio matches after she was bodyshamed.

22-year old Alexa Moreno ended complete in 31st place in the gymnastics competition, an impressive showing considering the comparatively modest size of her state’s gymnastics plan and infrastructure.

Yet Moreno’s where her body came under attack by some fit accomplishments were lost in the shuffle on Twitter. Despite just being 4-foot-10 and weighing 99 pounds, some users mocked the gymnast’s body.

Allowing to Today, in one now-deleted tweet, an user posted a picture of a cartoon pig with a caption that read, “Exclusive photos of Alexa Moreno at the ending of her gymnastic routine.” Another deleted tweet that was translated from Spanish said, “Alexa Moreno has the body of two gymnasts, a diet before going to Rio would have been great.”

While Moreno was mocked by some, many others leapt to her defense, defending her body and commending her unbelievable fit skills.

The number of defensemen Moreno got are an indicator that net body-shaming culture will be a thing of yesteryear.

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