Conservatives Suddenly Hate Spock Because Obama Loves Him Fill Facebook Page With Vile, Racist Comments (SCREENSHOTS)

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Matthew Continetti, idiot editor-in-chief of the right-wing misinformation station known as the Washington Free Beacon, hates Spock. Continetti confesses he is a Star Trek fan, but that he was somewhat confused by his rather apathetic reaction to the death of beloved actor Leonard Nimoy.

Though conservatives initially praised the actor and even attempted to erroneously claim Nimoy for themselves that love affair apparently ended when President Obama once again proved that, if he spoke out against slitting ones throat with a rusty butter knife, hospitals would see an influx of incredibly stupid patients that night (hint, hint, Mr. President).

I loved Spock, President Obama said in a touching statement following the passing of the actor. And that was all it took.

While the President did nothing but beam praise at the departed Nimoy, noting that his character was Cool, logical, big-eared, and level headed, the center of Star Treks optimistic, inclusive vision of humanitys future, Continetti somehow viewed the Presidents words as a comparison to himself. Just like you know whom, he wrote of the Presidents statement.

The president is not the only writer who has drawn comparisons between himself and Spock, Continetti wrote, though its obvious President Obama drew no such comparison.

He continued:

I am also a Star Trek fan, but I admit I was somewhat confused by my rather apathetic reaction to Nimoys death. And as I thought more about the presidents statement, I realized he identifies with the very aspects of the Spock character that most annoy me. I dont love Spock at all.

Oh, and he has reasons, alright! As usual, evil happens because Spock is too idealistic, too in thrall to a value-neutral conception of science, to consider the unintended consequences of his actions, Continetti says as he struggles to mold Obama subtly into his criticisms of a flawed and fictional character:

Not only do Spocks peacenik inclinations routinely land the Enterprise and the Federation into trouble, his logic and level head mask an arrogant emotional basket case. Unlike the superhuman android Data, a loyal officer whose deepest longing is to be human, Spock spends most of his life as a freelancing diplomat eager to negotiate with the worst enemies of Starfleet. Hes the opposite of a role model: a cautionary tale.

Spock cares only for himself. He returns to the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) only because he believes the superior intelligence of Vger might help him finally purge all human elements from his soul. True, he sacrifices himself for the good of the ship in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982), but Spocks renunciation of self is not as total as we are led to believe. He knows he has a fallback position. He knocks out McCoy andwithout the doctors consenttransfers part of his consciousness to his old friend.

After a more than ten additional paragraphs of complaining about Spocks (and, presumably Obamas) faults through The Next Generation, he refers to the new film franchise as an enjoyable picture that is revealing of Spocks awfulness.

It shows how Spock is tormented, physically and mentally, by the fact that his mother is human, how Mr. Logic is actually a boiling kettle of fury, resentment, passion, and ambition, Continetti writes. Spock is a jerk to his girlfriend Uhura, who is way out of his league. He almost kills Kirk. He is so overcome with emotion he relieves himself from duty in the middle of a huge crisis. Spock is rude to his father.

And Obama likes this selfish jerk? Continetti asks. The coolness the president so appreciates in Spock is a thin veneer over a remarkably arrogant and off-putting detachment from human suffering.

He notes that Spock is moody, flip, detached, and self-consciously superior. Data wants to fit in, while Spock displaces his anxieties over his bicultural heritage onto his family and work relationships. You know, just like Obama.

via ManicWorld

via ManiacWorld

What Leonard Nimoys death revealed is that there is a sizable portion of Trek fans, and of nerds in general, that identifies with Spocks neuroses, his hang-ups, his self-loathing, that are attracted to the cold soulless abstractions through which he views life, who believe in the naive and ineffective diplomacy in which he so thoughtlessly and recklessly and harmfully engages. I cant help but find this revelation disturbing, Continetti concludes. It will take America some time to recover from the legacy of our Spock-loving president.

On the Beacons Facebook page, some agreed with Continetti:

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But others disagreed:

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The debate rages on, but one thing is for certain: Leonard Nimoy must be rolling over in his grave (with laughter) at this doltish and, shall we say, highly illogical debate. It is always impressive how quickly conservatives denounce something the moment the President speaks in favor of it.

Perhaps Obama needs to encourage people to breathe oxygen, or eat food not just eat healthy, but consume digestible materials. Would our friends on the Right suffocate? Starve?

Maybe a public service announcement about the importance of not injecting paint thinner into ones cornea…

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    • Hamblerger

      Im still stunned at the contention that Leonard Nimoy didnt care for Jews. What religion does he think that Nimoy was? The man was a practicing (to some degree or another) Jew for his entire life.

    • jan

      Continetti unintentionally reveals much more about his own neuroses in this bizarre comparison than he reveals about Obama. Someone needs to remind this guy that Spock is a FICTIONAL sci-fi character, not a Rorschach test.

    • James Michael Wendler

      Leonard Nimoy didnt like Jews, either. I guess thats why he based the Vulcan salute on a Jewish ritual blessing gesture. Or starred in a made-for-TV biopic of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir.

      BTW, that biopic, A Woman Called Golda, isnt that bad.

      • John M

        Or was actually Jewish.

      • Kimberly B Stone

        Or one of his most beloved roles was Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof.

    • Terri Hemker

      The man is a twit. I suppose he would kick his mother out into the street if he found out that she had voted for Obama.

    • Tim Arvizu

      In reading the above article, it becomes impossible to imagine that people could be so filled with blind hate and still try to pass themselves off as being intelligent too. By the way, contrary to some of the hate comments stating Leonard Nimoy disliked Jews and the Jewish Faith, He was, in fact, of the Jewish Faith, born, raised and died belonging to the Jewish Faith. Like these idiots untrue attacks on Nimoy, it is just a much a fact that their attacks on Obama are no more based in fact. From the first day of Obamas Presidency these people bought into a right wing lies, told to do harm. Their subsequent lies have followed, one after the other relentlessly for the entire length of his time in Office. Ignorance breeds fear and fear breeds hate. With the help of demagogues in the media and the willingness of fools to follow, all this hate has been magnified a hundred times. As a result, in the eyes of these sad folk, Obama is incapable of the slightest good and guilty of every evil known to man, even to point of being referred to as the Anti-Christ, which says so much more about them, who would even think such a thing, than the President, himself.

    • squappie

      This is what hate and racism does to a blame!

    • rushthis

      Obama loves air and breathing.

      • Bruce Warren

        I see what youre doing. Keep it up.

      • fifthdentist

        Obama never eats bowls of glass shards and thinks they are bad for ones health.
        Obama has warned US-Americans to not put three table spoons of strychnine in their morning coffee.
        Obama thinks that drivers should not, under any circumstances, cut the brake lines on their cars before getting out on the highway.

        • Paul in Buffalo

          President Obama opposes sticking your tongue in a wall socket, putting sugar in your gas tank, and poking grizzly bears with a sharp stick.

    • Catherine Halsey

      The idiots should have thought of who they were holding in high regards. Nimoy was Jewish, supported gay equality, was a supporter of womens bodily rights, and played a logical being in a show about a successful socialist society, in which money isnt a thing, and, for the most part, scientific exploration takes first place over all other matters. Not to mention, all faiths are treated as equals, and Christianity has almost no representation from the start. Im surprised they offered any kind of a tribute to him at all, his character and the show were basically the peak of everything they were against

      • Paul in Buffalo

        Conservative grunts saw people responding in droves at the passing of the beloved Leonard Nimoy. Oblivious to or failing to understand what it was that drew people together, they tried to glomm onto the event. Maybe they felt lonely, or didnt get it, or didnt care. Perhaps all three. They saw a crowd to regurgitate their script of over rehearsed talking points into and headed for it.

        How telling is it the character Spock and the mix of rationality and quiet feeling he represents is both so very popular and so very unlike them? They really could have sat this one out but the role of idiots is to demonstrate their idiocy even while completely unaware of it.

    • VeggieTart

      Obama Derangement Disorder. They hate him so much that if Obama came out in favor of breathing, theyd hold their breaths until they turned blue. You know, if, say, George W Bush admitted to liking something I did, I would appreciate the small slice of common ground. And when a conservative says something that makes sense, I typically snark that a stopped clock is right twice a day.

      This is the difference between liberals and conservatives. We dont hate something just because a conservative likes it. Im grateful when some conservative pals come out against (some forms of) animal exploitation.

    • CarmanK

      Never gave much thot about the man behind the fictional character who was intelligent, logical and a loyal friend to the members of STAR SHIP Enterprise. I am glad PBO thot him worthy of admiration. The writers of Star TREK had such great imaginations and they tackled some real social issues that have plagued humans and other cultures for millions of years.

    • atalex

      Things like this are why Ive reached the point of considering Republicans to be functionally non-human. You cant even be a Republican in 2015 unless you are so psychotic that you

      in a dreamworld divorced from reality.

    • Johnny 5

      Strikes me odd that he forsake Spock and pivots to Data… if ever a Trek alumn would have been a progressive liberal, it would have been Data.

    • fifthdentist

      At this point I think the president should start trolling them.
      Maybe go to Detroit and praise Ted Nugent by telling a heartwarming story about how Nugents lyrics were what inspired him to want to be president.
      Also, he should praise Lee Greenwoods godawful jingoistic insult to everything musical in the history of forever in the universe as a great song that he and Michelle listen to each morning and evening before the call to prayers.
      Or maybe how Reagans willingness to ignore conservatives in order to seek weapons reduction with the Soviets has inspired him in his efforts to deal with Iran.

    • jcdchawk

      The negative remarks from people that know in the world Star Trek they would never be able to make it into space. Going to spaces for people or looking toward the future not people were trying to clean and return to the distant past.

    • Dawns Early Light

      The fun part is pointing all of these contradictions out to conservatives and watching their eyes glaze over as they try to justify them.

    • Patricia Esposito

      I was a Trecky before it was popular, … one of the hating nut jobs actually said Obama was a Muslim terrorists, AND a Leftist Liberal Jew….Speaking for Spock: that statement is totally illogical, …besides being an oxymoron.

    • Paul in Buffalo

      Having received a Certificate of Appreciation from the President for my years of military service, if I were to be a good Conservative would I now be expected to hate myself?


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